A. We currently do not offer any sessions for children below the age of 5. 

A. We advise that you bring both as we have indoor and outdoor space available, but trainers can be worn if you do not have any boots. 

A. We advise that shinpads be worn.

A. Please make sure that your child has a drink with them, there are refill stations available if they want to fill up their bottle.

A. For after-school sessions you do not need to provide a snack for your child. However, during our holiday sessions there are 2 breaks throughout the morning where the children are allowed to have snacks. 

A. Please only drop off your child a maximum of 20 minutes before the start time of the session.

During holiday sessions registration will open 20 minutes before the start time (eg 9.30am start means you can only register your child from 9.10am).

A. After-school sessions are delivered weekly during term time for one hour, for specific age groups on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.  Holiday sessions are run during the day during school holidays such as half term and summer holiday breaks.  Sessions are run throughout the day with morning, afternoon or all day options available. 

A. Please let us know in the medical form when registering about your child’s needs, and please ensure that they have any medication and inhalers with them when registering. 

A. If your child would like to try an after-school session before committing to the term please contact info@soccerschool.gg to arrange a session. 

Loyalty Cards

Aztech Soccer School Loyalty Card

Buy 3 get 1 free! 

We are proud to introduce our new Soccer School Rewards Scheme which we have created to incentivise loyalty and show our appreciation to your dedication to our Soccer School programmes. 

Please ask at Reception if you have not been given your card so you are able to start earning your stamps. 


Terms & Conditions 


  • Only one Loyalty Card is permitted per Soccer School attendee. 
  • All Loyalty Cards must contain the name of the person who attends the Soccer School. 
  • The Loyalty Cards are only applicable for our After School programmes, Sunday Girls Sessions and School Holiday Sessions. 
  • Aztech Reward Stamps are only applicable to those have attended a FULL TERM of After School sessions and/or those attending a FULL WEEK of School Holiday sessions. 
  • To gain your Aztech Reward Stamp, please ensure you present your card to your coach or at Reception on the last day of the After School term or final day of the holiday session week. 
  • Only Aztech Reward Stamps will be valid on the Loyalty Cards and must be stamped by an Aztech staff member. 
  • Once THREE Aztech Reward Stamps have been earnt, you will be entitled to ONE free After School session (FULL TERM) or ONE School Holiday session (FULL WEEK!) 
  • To claim and book your free session, please present your card at the Reception desk. You will also then be presented with a new Loyalty Card so you can start earning new Aztech Reward Stamps! 
  • If your Loyalty Card is lost, we are only able to provide a new replacement card meaning any Aztech Reward Stamps previously acquired will be lost. 
  • The above terms and conditions work in conjunction with Aztech Soccer Limited’s standard Terms and Conditions (which are available to view on our website).


As both our indoor and outdoor pitches are state of the art 3G/4G surfaces ensure you bring the correct footwear: